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Still OPTI Osteopathic Principles & Practice Committee

The function of this committee is to address the needs of our members for further didactics and hands-on training in osteopathic principles and practice (OPP), as well as osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT).

Reports to Still OPTI GMEC-OGME Committee

Meets approximately four times per year, in-person and via phone or video conference.


Richard LaBaere, DO, Still OPTI DIO
Sondra Jepson, DHSc, MSW, Executive Director, Still OPTI

OPP Committee Program Directors / Faculty:
Paul Cump, DO, Peak Vista Community Health Center
Dan Gibson, DO, Director of Medical Education, Family Practice Program Director, Capital Region Medical Center
Paula Mackrides, DO, Program Director & Director of Medical Education, SIU-Quincy
Taisei Suzuki, DO, The Wright Center
Nichole Mirocha, DO, Program Director, SIU Springfield
Eleni O’Donovan, DO, Local Program Director, The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education
Michael Plotkin, DO, Osteopathic Track Director, Medical College of Wisconsin
Karen Snider, DO, FAAO, Assistant Dean for OPP Integration, ATSU-KCOM, Chair

Leah Frank, DO, ONMM, NRMC ACGME peer-selected resident representative
Leah Blake DO, FM, Peak Vista resident peer-selected resident representative
Dallas Mullock, DO, FM-NMM, NRMC ACGME peer-selected resident representative

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