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Still OPTI Faculty Development Committee

The function of this committee is to ensure delivery of quality resident trainer faculty development and to enhance research and scholarly activity in core faculty and residents throughout the OPTI.

Reports to Still OPTI GMEC-OGME Committee

Meets approximately four times per year in-person and via phone or video conference.


Richard LaBaere, DO, Still OPTI DIO
Sondra Jepson, DHSc, MSW, Executive Director, Still OPTI
Debbie Darr, C-TAGME, Assistant Director of Medical Education (ADME), NRMC
Meaghan P. Ruddy, PhD, MA, Acting VP of GME / Director of Transformative Education, The Wright Center for GME
Dana Nelson, MA, Institutional GME Accreditation and Data Coordinator, Still OPTI
Lisa McDow, BS, Administrative Assistant, Still OPTI

Program Directors / Faculty:
Patricia Sexton, DHEd, Associate Dean for Curriculum, ATSU-KCOM, Chair – Still OPTI Faculty Development Comm.
Ronald Blonder, DO, Associate DIO/Local CLER Director, Peak Vista Family Medicine Program
Christine Morgan, EdD, CHES, Assistant Professor, Residency Development Manager, ATSU-SOMA
Scott Robinson, DO, Program Director, Peak Vista Family Medicine Program
Quincy Scott, DO, Director of Medical Education, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale Family Medicine
Karen Snider, DO, FAAO, Assistant Dean for OPP Integration, ATSU-KCOM, Chair-Still OPTI OPP Committee, Chair
Billy Strait, DO, Associate Professor, Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, ATSU-KCOM

Research Department:
Dr. William Sexton, PhD, Professor, Department of Physiology, ATSU-KCOM

Jess Caine, DO, Resident, General Surgery, Northeast Regional Medical Center
Dallas Mullock, DO, Resident, FM-ONMM, Northeast Regional Medical Center


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