Still OPTI Resource Saves the Day!

Published by Sondra Sanford on October 6, 2015 |

A Guest Post by Christine Morgan, EdD, ATSU-SOMA Residency Development Manager

Our national family medicine residency program has 60 residents based in Community Health Centers in 6 different states. We deliver part of our weekly didactic sessions through video teleconferencing, with clinicians providing live lectures and residents viewing at their training sites. Recently our OMM presenter became ill and had to cancel her scheduled presentation with only a few hours notice. We went to the Still OPTI website, quickly reviewed the recent OMM videos by Jonathan Kirsch, DO, selected and downloaded the OPP Lab – OMM for Fibromyalgia, and used it for our OMM review didactic session. The 34-minute video was informative, with clear demonstrations by Dr. Kirsch followed by pauses to discuss and practice techniques. This valuable educational resource prevented us from cancelling our OMM didactic session and provided an excellent learning opportunity for our residents.

Thank you, Still OPTI. I encourage others to explore ways to take advantage of our OPTI resources!

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